“Mythos Shadow Walker of Hidden Meadows”

Nyx is the dog that people stop and say “What is that?” She has so many spots that you would swear she was part Dalmation! Where Phantazia is all bold kaleidoscope of colors and her sister Zephyr is a gentle wind of pastels a la Monet, Nyx is a Picasso, a modern art of black and grey, splashed on a spectacular canvas! She is 44 pounds and 23 inches at the withers. She is the clown in the family and has never met anyone, dog or human, that she didn’t want to “friend”. She lives with my friend Patty and is being trained to be a therapy dog. She is stunning to behold and can run all day on those long willowy legs. Patty brings her over for play days with her sisters Phantazia and Zephyr.


“You’re so fabulous, Zsa Zsa of Hidden Meadows”

Here is my dark and stormy Zsa Zsa. Look at those markings! Big blotches of black with the perfect amount of merleling to make her “fabulous”! There is a possibility that Zsa Zsa is a merle phantom. She has merle eyebrows, cheeks, chest, lower legs and butt! Either way, this one is a show-stopper. But while you can say her coloring is wild, her personality is very laid back.

While our other merles are moyen and small standards, Zsa Zsa is our big girl! She is happy outgoing and loving. She’s fabulous!