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  1. Hi Patricia, I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your Kahlua. I am a former client of Rebecca who now runs her website. I forwarded her your message and she responds “Merles are too new for me for there to be any old ones! Hendrix is as sweet as they come though. Because he’s all alone I am reducing his price to $2200.” Rebecca’s email is theprettynana@hotmail.com
    I came across her for the same reason (lost a long time furry family member) and I could not be happier with my Cello 🙂 (see new homes) hope it works out for you!


  2. I am excited to have found your website. My black Standard female, Kahlua died March 15 at age 15. She has been my loving companion and difficult to replace. But I know I will love another because I LOVE STANDARD POODLES. Actually, I love all dogs, but Standards are my heart dogs.

    I was intrigued that you raise Blue Merles. We once had a gorgeous Blue Merle Rough Collie. She was bred to a Tri Color and had gorgeous pups.

    Anyhow, I live alone, but have eight grandchildren , (youngest are ten year old twin girls), that will want to love and eventually walk our new girl (or maybe boy?).

    I think I don’t have the energy for three years if puppy so am hoping to find an older one. Maybe a retired breeder or ????

    I live in Palm Desert, CA area but in next year will be moving to Seal Beach. My Kahlua loved to swim and race and dive for “birds” in the pool and also loved the beach in Long Beach, so I would like one that likes the water.

    I used to live near you in Rancho Santa Fe so would live to drive down and visit. I will be going to Seattle soon and return August 23rd. Any time after that I can devote my life to finding and loving a new Poodle.
    Thank you very much.


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