Welcome to Hidden Meadows

Where our goal is to provide happy, healthy, fun loving puppies to pet lovers around the world

Welcome to Hidden Meadows

At Hidden Meadows, we raise beautiful, pure-bred standard poodles. Our standard poodle puppies are bred with quality, patience, and lots of love. We are located in Southern California, however we offer shipping nationwide. If you are looking to buy a puppy that will bring you endless joy, Hidden Meadows Standard Parti Poodle puppies are the answer.

We are dedicated to raising wonderful poodles who are full of personality, cuteness, and charm, and did we mention cuteness?? Our poodles are different, because we raise them with love! As you can see from the male/female profiles, many of our sire/dames are champions, and we have the awards to prove it. If you buy from us, your poodle puppy may just have prize winning genes. But don’t take our word for it! Give us a call!

There are some new and exciting changes happening at Hidden Meadows! I have fallen in love with the new smaller size standard poodle called moyen or klein. Notice they are standard poodles. While still regal, intelligent and calm, they are just so much easier: easier to groom, feed, walk, lift and cuddle! Occasionally we will still have the larger standard (see Zsa Zsa), but I will mainly focus on bringing this wonderful new size to poodle lovers across these United States! And you couldn’t help but notice that I LOVE the merle colored poodle! Yes, they are controversial. Many of mine have been DNA tested and proven to be pure bred poodle. If this beautiful color appeals to you, give me a call. If it doesn’t, don’t. I think they are breathtaking!!!

A benefit of raising merles (because you can’t breed a merle to a merle) is that instead of just being a “parti poodle” breeder, I will now have an incredible variety of color combinations that poodles can come in, plus a few new ones! There will be parti’s, solids, phantoms, parti phantoms (tri-colors), merle phantoms, partis, solids and tri’s!!! So, as you can see, I am very excited about the future here at Hidden Meadows! If you are too, contact me and we’ll see if we can get you your perfect furry friend!








Nyx the Poodle Hunter

Ryder Splash- Wave Rider!


Just a little bit of shade

“Where did they go?!”
“I asked for pink!”
Eska is more daring than pink!

“I love a beautiful sunset, don’t you honey?”

Cello, a brown merle from Truffle and Ezra’s first litter, she just  loves to play frisbee!

Blue walking the treadmill at just 3 months old!

Chance and his girlfriends <3