Pricing: Merles: $2800, Tri's: $2500, Parti's: $2000, Solids: $1800.
Testing: Clear. OFA eyes: normal. VwD: clear, Neo Natal: clear.
Deposits are $500

All puppies must be paid in full by 6 weeks of age.
About the Moyen size: a Moyen poodle falls between the Miniature Poodle and the Standard Poodle in size, although anything over 15 inches is a Standard Poodle so, technically, a Moyen is a small Standard. Pixie measures 20 inches to her withers and weighs 28 little pounds! Her big sister Truffle measures 22 inches to her withers and weighs 32 pounds.

We do not do hip or elbow X-rays on the smaller poodle as congenital hip and elbow displasia is extremely rare in the Moyen size.

I will always have the right to a first pick puppy in any litter

Puppies must be picked up at 8 weeks of age. It is up to the buyer to arrange care for own puppy if this is not possible. I am not a kennel, all puppies are raised in our home.

The puppies are here and all I can say is "Whoo Hoo!! How many can I keep!" We are thrilled to announce that Phantazia and Chance’s puppies were born on September 16, 2016 and this litter is a dream come true! Talk about diversity! Eleven puppies- eight girls and three boys. We have chocolate merle phantoms, blue merle phantoms, chocolate parti phantoms and black parti phantoms (Tri-colors)and a chocolate phantom! Oh my!

Mama and the kids

BOY - Kansas, Brown Merle Phantom

BOY - Montana, Black Parti Tri. (SOLD)

BOY - Indiana, Black Parti Tri. (SOLD)

GIRL - Carolina, Brown Parti Tri

GIRL - Cali, Blue Merle Phantom

GIRL - Mississippi, Brown Phantom

GIRL - Nevada, Brown and white Parti-Tri

GIRL - Dakota, Blue Merle Part

GIRL - Georgia, Brown Merle Phantom

GIRL - Tennesee, Black and white Parti Phantom

GIRL - Kentucky, Blue Merle Phantom (PENDING)